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Step Inside the Munro House Display Suite

Welcome to the Munro House display suite. The Top Spring team loved working with MIM Design to design space.

Mirroring the concept of the development, art plays an important role in the display experience. Located on site, guests are welcomed through a curved lobby featuring a bespoke artwork by Jade Oakley, who designed the solid copper sculpture that will sit at the entrance of the building.

One-of-a-kind watercolour paintings, crafted by Paris-based Yulia Yg greet visitors in the gallery hallway that leads through to the opulent kitchen and loungeroom.

MIM Design meticulously designed the space to showcase the incredible finishes of the residences. The kitchen is presented in the striking dark scheme, while the expansive bathroom features the light interior palette.

A truly exceptional space, we look forward to welcoming the new residents of Munro House to the display suite to discover their new home.