Our carefully curated, ever-growing investment portfolio includes high-performing assets from the residential, retail, commercial, hospitality and education sectors globally.

Our investment success is a testament to the knowledge and insight of our accomplished team.

Uncovering unique opportunities globally.



Top Spring leverages our vast experience to identify projects with impressive investment potential. We focus on unique high-end developments in locations with vibrant economies and strong growth prospects and purchase land reserves which are or will be well connected with excellent transport and infrastructure.

Our asset management team shares a bold vision for acquiring or developing projects that meet our values across a diverse range of real estate platforms. Thanks to our international presence and strong financial backing, we have the flexibility to act quickly and seize global opportunities when and where we identify them.

Our market insight is instrumental in ensuring we remain innovators at the forefront of the industry, making a partnership with us an astute investment prospect.



Our funds management arm has international cross-cultural expertise enabling us to provide intelligent, highly specialised investment services for our Australian clientele.

We work in close partnership with our clients to grow their portfolio and realise their wealth creation aspirations. Our vision is long-term and insightful, providing stability and peace of mind by seeking out secure yet exciting investment opportunities.

Our professionally managed fund provides a diversified investment opportunity aimed at delivering long-term capital growth from high-performing global real estate based revenue streams. By understanding the needs of our investors we can tailor an investment strategy to suit.